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Marginal Beauty

A repository of moving descriptions of beautiful moments in life

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I would like for this community to become a repository of moving descriptions of beautiful moments in life.

Every few months, I experience something that stays with me for weeks. I think back to some trivial moment that likely no one else saw or paid attention to and get teary-eyed. I can't really share these with others in real life because they always seem silly, and honestly, when does the chance come up in conversation?

I want you to share those rare, truly beautiful moments you've experienced. This isn't about noticing the little things. This is about the biggest, most moving things to you that others might not normally see. Make us understand why this was beautiful to you. Help us feel what you felt when it happened. Try to aim for between 100 and 500 words. Don't be cryptic or mysterious, be clear. The goal isn't to impress people with how deep you are; it's to share. Don't even introduce. Drop us right into the moment. Hopefully, we'll all learn from each other how to more readily recognize the beautiful when we're lucky enough to encounter it. I want visitors to scroll through this community and experience uninterrupted beauty of all types.

What you consider beautiful is wildly subjective. The name of this community comes from one of my old quotes, "True beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder; it's universal. Marginal beauty may still be a matter of taste." (September 7, 2001) Anything is acceptable as long as it was a rare, profound moment for you and does not involve the suffering of others. Whether you realized for the first time that you loved your best friend when you saw her look-alike waiting tables at a restaurant or a man confidently smiled at you and mouthed, "Be strong." in your darkest hour as you entered the abortion clinic, if it was memorable to you to the point that it still warms your heart today, we want to hear about it.

Anyone can be a member. You don't have to post.
Anyone can post. You don't have to be a member.
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I have a very specific vision of what I'd like this to become, and it's important, especially in the beginning, that the first few posts set this tone. There are many communities that have started with a similar premise but quickly degraded because of lack of vision or lax enforcement.

No quizzes. No lyrics. No poetry. No pasting. No links. No quotes. No "Hi, I just joined." No advertising. No negativity. These will be deleted immediately. These strict rules may bring the community a quick demise, but there are others like it which allow these types of things. Some others include happiness_is, happymart, and live_the_beauty. If you have a comment about the community itself, leave it on the first post instead of making a new one.

AIM: Marginal Beauty